Education for Action is an annual conference for teachers designed to share the latest trends in education, such as current research results, new technologies used in education, innovative educational methods, and numerous ideas on how to support the development of children and youth.

The conference has been organized by the EXPERYMENT Science Centre for eight years now creating a platform for teachers to exchange their experience and knowledge of their ways of working with students, to share new educational methods and discuss solutions to problems of their every day work.

It is additionally a great opportunity to establish new relations and find partners for cooperation among other teachers, educational experts and the Science Centre itself.
The previous editions addressed various topics related to creativity, communication, relationships and innovation in education.

The next conference will take place in spring 2021.

This time Education for Action will involve four science centres - Science Inspired project partners. The goal of the event is not only to summarize all the activities and results of the project but also to promote them further among teachers, educators, science centres and education representatives.

More information soon.

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