Lessons at Experyment

A lesson at Experyment

Classes are carried out in full time manner in properly equipped and participant age adapted rooms in the seat of the Experyment Science Center.

For Start  workshop – the goal of the workshop is to help kindergarden and primary school children to take their first steps in a laboratory. During conducted self-reliantly experiments the children learn about science (chemistry, physics, nature) and of some basics of coding and programming. 

STEM  workshop (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) – the objective of this workshop is a development of the future competence what means learning of mathematics and physics with a use of new technologies and engineering knowledge. The classes are conducted with a brain-storm method, self-experience, presentations or escape room.

Bio-Chem workshop – the goal of this workshop is to learn biology and chemistry through independent experiments and to shape and develop knowledge and interests linked to natural science.
The learners conduct scientific experiments on their own, they take their first steps in a laboratory, use chemical reagents, laboratory glass and equipment.

Eco-societal workshop – the goal of this workshop is to make learner more sensitive on the climate change issues, to build ecological awareness and abilities of participation in public life. Through popularization of natural science the classes help the participants how to take conscious choices considering their health as well as natural environment.


On-line Lesson with Experyment

The live classes are conducted by educators of Centrum Nauki Eksperyment who connect to class room using a popular online communication tools.
The lesson has an active character, through interaction with a lecturer, experiments observation, brain-storm method as well as self-conducting experiments by the learners themselves.

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